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Ideas to make a super fun wedding NorFolk

As you pass the front door to your wedding, welcome each guest with a small bag of gifts. Small details that make everyone feel part of the ceremony.

You can include handkerchiefs for those who are excited, bags with paper, sandals or other comfortable footwear so that no one stops dancing, sunglasses if the ceremony is day and protectors for the tacos if it is outdoors in the field. The possibilities are endless and they will all taste.

fun wedding NorFolk
Prepare the children’s table so that they also have fun.

Fun for the little ones
Prepare the children’s table so that they also have fun and take home the best memories of this day.

fun wedding NorFolk
In addition to renting some game mechanic or player, you can also put tablecloths on your table and a set of crayons next to the cutlery of each small diner. Includes glasses and sherbet with drawings and colors. You can also design and print a coloring book, original about your wedding.

Best wishes
Instead of having a sign book, give your guests a better and more fun experience. Build a photo or video booth, where everyone can leave a picture or sequence with their best wishes and advice for remarriage.

Other variants for the guest book may be: ask everyone to sign on a Jenga piece, this way you will go home with a personalized board game with the love messages of all your loved ones. You can also ask each one to bring a heart (of any form or material) to your wedding with a message for the couple. Then, on a tree, table or corner will become a big corner of affection in which each leave their messages for the bride and groom.

fun wedding NorFolk
Custom glasses in the bar
Get long drink glasses in a bazaar, buy paint for glass and give each guest his own glass. Upon reaching the bar, the bartender will serve each guest his drink in a drink with his name. So nobody will get confused with drink and everyone will go home with a cute and fun souvenir of your wedding.

Let no one stop dancing
In addition to asking your DJ for the best songs for the ceremony (and the party), invite everyone to choose the music they would like to hear. Put a list on the entry table or hand out “special order” cards so that everyone can select the subjects they want to dance.

Organizing dance games is a good idea for group fun. Between groups of men and women you can make games like the chair dance or organize two rows in which as the music rings, each guest goes from hand to hand an element (like the bouquet or your league), when the music Suddenly, the guests with the bouquet or the league in the hand should dance to each other to avoid being disqualified.

fun wedding NorFolk

You can also assign a number from one to five to each chair or table and ask the DJ to choose a number at random so that the guests with that number appear on the dance floor to participate in a group dance. The winning group will be chosen by the bride and groom.

Interactive sweet table
Do not leave everything served on a tray. Give your guests a sweet, fun table that allows them to choose and serve for themselves what they like or call their attention. Keep your wedding stamp in mind. Have a sweet (or salty) table with your favorite foods and those of your boyfriend: they can be ice cream, pancakes, cupcakes, hot dogs or popcorn.

Another super original idea is to ask your guests to bring their own cake to participate in a cake competition. Each one will vote his favorite and the one that obtains more votes will take a prize.

Decorate to the bathrooms
Do not leave any corner free of details: nor the bathrooms of the living room must go unnoticed. You can use photos of your childhood and your boyfriend’s to differentiate between the gates of men and women. Or even bring the same decor from the tables to the doors of each bathroom.

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Suitable for pets
If you are one of those people who can not separate from your furry best friend, what better than to make a celebration that includes it. To do this, you must make sure that the place where the party takes place has several compartments where each guest can leave their pet there, at least for a while, in case she feels nervous. It is best to choose a farm with grass so that the animals can run and look for there are no loud noises or fireworks.

If you want to go a step further, you can even arrange a sector with delights for dogs and cats.

Original gifts: Various options
Blenders, washers, televisions. If you really expect other types of gifts, send a list by email so that everyone can give you what you really want. There are several sites on the internet where you can register lists of gifts of any kind.

You can also ask your guests to collaborate in a collective financing. You can ask for money for your honeymoon or make donations to different charities. A very original idea is to ask each guest to give you a book, a disc or a movie that you recommend, this way you will end up with a new library, disco and video library to enjoy.

Responsible Party Ending
You can make sure your guests return safely to their homes by renting a vehicle to transport them. Everyone will appreciate this gesture, especially the designated drivers.

Knowing that at the end of the party a bus or combi will take them to their homes, your guests will enjoy more freedom of the party (and the bar), since they will not have problems to leave. The micro wedding is the perfect closure for an original party, creative and fun.

What do you think of these proposals? Do you know others? Tell us in the comments below!

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